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The Latvian American Eye Centre specializes in eye care: routine treatment, laser therapy, surgery, education, medical tourism, medical supplies and equipment sales.

It is a participant of NEBA’s Visit Latvia Program for Medical Tourism -
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Interim Board Meeting, March 13th

NEBA Interim Board Meeting, Monday, Mar 13, 2023 18:30 Europe/Riga

Meeting ID: 858 9112 7345 Passcode: 570300


  1. Meeting Report of the last meeting:
  2. Board member reports:
    1. Finance
    2. Managing Director
      1. 20.02.23 EK to address tour operator issue.
      2. Member status
      3. Database
    3. Governing Council
      1. 30.01.23 UB to prepare and send letter of welcome to new NGC members.
      2. Member status
    4. Communications
    5. Audit
    6. Other
  3. Programs
    1. Possible expansion of Visit Latvia program to Visit NEBA program
  4. Events
    1. Founding Members (1st Annual) Meeting tentatively scheduled for April 24th, but may be delayed.
    2. April: Tuija Seipell event under consideration.
    3. Future networking
  5. Other 

Next Meetings – Monday, April 3rd,  2023 at 18.30 via ZOOM.

Members are welcome to participate in Board meetings. Notification of intention to do so would be appreciated.