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05.06.2023 Latvian Canadian Council

Latvian Canadian Council Cooperation

NEBA and the Latvian Canadian Council have agreed on cooperation between the two organizations.  

The Latvian Canadian Council (LCC) is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit advisory, advocacy group and think tank promoting political and economic relations between Canada and Latvia. It is led by the former President of the Latvian National Federation in Canada, Baltic Federation, and Central and Eastern European Council in Canada, Andris Ķesteris, who is both a NEBA business member and a member of NEBA’s Governing Council.

LCC is currently attending to the geopolitical situation regarding the Ukraine war, and  is one more voice for Canada in both the Ukrainian and Latvian initiatives. It ardently supports the continued Canadian military role as part of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group in Latvia. 

One of the LCC’s areas of interest is the business development of Latvia and the Baltic region. There has been some thought to expanding the concept of the LCC into a Baltic Canadian Council to better reflect regional interests. The fact that the leadership is located in Ottawa close to key Government departments, the diplomatic corps, and many decision making entities, including the Latvian one, simplifies direct person-to-person contact.

With the Latvian Canadian Council being associated with the Northern European Business Association, market entry and partnering initiatives are enhanced for all concerned, and a joint business development concept can be initiated.

NEBA welcomes cooperation with the Latvian Canadian Council.