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The Latvian American Eye Centre specializes in eye care: routine treatment, laser therapy, surgery, education, medical tourism, medical supplies and equipment sales.

It is a participant of NEBA’s Visit Latvia Program for Medical Tourism -
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03.02.2023 NEBA-network Update

We welcome the following:

  • New Corporate member:
  • New Governing Council members:
    • Giorgi Natroshvili of Tbilisi Business Partners, from Tbilisi Georgia
    • Samuel Davidovich of the Transcontinental Consulting Co., Toronto Canada
    • John Birchmore  of SHREWS Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland

Strategy: the Strategy Group headed by Mark Watson has completed the “high-level” Mission Statement (see and is now concentrating on the detailed definition of the responsibilities for various positions within NEBA. The definition of various processes will be next on the agenda. Members are encouraged to participate in this process.


Group Work activity is underway. Members wishing to join any work group are encouraged to do so:

  • Trade Facilitation & Business Development – Ed Kalvins as group leader, with Astrīda Bola, Ilze Dērupa and Inguna Gustava as committee members.
  • Health Care – Una Brūna as group leader. 
  • Sports – Normunds Kupcis as group leader. A group of hockey players from Toronto, Canada is currently being organized.

The “Visit Latvia” program

  • Our international friends are welcome to participate in the program. Please refer to and contact the people in charge.
  • Consideration is currently underway to introduce this program to other countries.
  • The program is undergoing a review of its pricing structure and marketing strategy.


  • Monday, January 16th, 2023, 18.30: Visit Latvija Team Meeting
  • Monday, February 13th, 2023, 18.30, NEBA-network “pre-Valentine’s Day” dinner.
  • Monday, April 24th, 2023 at 18.30: The 1st Annual Members Meeting.