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The Latvian American Eye Centre specializes in eye care: routine treatment, laser therapy, surgery, education, medical tourism, medical supplies and equipment sales.

It is a participant of NEBAís Visit Latvia Program for Medical Tourism -
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Our Mission

To Provide a Positive, Motivational Business Environment

The Northern European Business Association (NEBA) provides a positive and motivational environment for an international networking platform focused on Northern Europe to facilitate the business development objectives of its members locally (by country), regionally (in Northern Europe) and internationally through a variety of instruments and “fit for purpose” member driven initiatives.

It is a member driven association for the benefit of members.

A Focused Platform for Innovation and Business Development

Events, communications, organisation structures, resources and international business networks form a focused platform promoting and supporting business development initiatives and services for its members.

The organisation will be continually tuned and updated to improve the prospective benefits and value to each member’s domestic and international business.

Our Vision

NEBA: A Leading Platform for Innovation and Business Success

Develop NEBA to be recognised as an independent and leading business association where participating members are motivated to innovate and generate successful business initiatives.

The NEBA platform facilitates cooperation between members to promote economic activity across Northern Europe and attracts business to this region by developing excellent strategic and international partnerships.

The emphasis is on member driven initiatives for members. Members are encouraged to advance their business goals by using NEBA’s excellent facilities and services.

The ‘Go To’ Business Association

NEBA is the ‘go to’ business association for individuals and various kinds of organisations and agencies alike:

  • Prospective members who wish to further develop their business locally and internationally
  • State and authority contact and networking with a variety of respected business entrepreneurs (and vice versa)
  • External organisations and agencies where mutually beneficial partnerships can be formed for the benefits of the members; these entities can include research institutes and Universities
  • Representation of the professional interests of members and to be an information centre for business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

Aiding Local Communities

The organisation adds value to communities wherever it operates or wherever its networks extend to. Local business communities should benefit from business networks and the ways in which the businesses within those networks operate.

Our Core Values

Professional Standards

NEBA is a professional association maintaining the highest standards for integrity and professional conduct in all operations, networks, and members’ activities. All operations and activities will be organised, managed and carried out in a professional and transparent manner, in mutual respect, and with honesty and integrity.

Members First

The membership benefits from member driven business developments and services. Members select the Governing Council and the Executive. The focus of NEBA networks, services and business development programs are designed to maximise membership value and benefits.

Active Participation and Collaboration

Our values include a culture of active participation, collaboration and teamwork in the delivery of business services and opportunities. The higher level of participation and collaboration the greater the benefits for a large range of members.

Diversity and Inclusion

There is power in unity of diversity. Membership, International Networks, development programs and service innovation are all strengthened by diversity. All members will be encouraged to participate at different levels depending on their business experience and their appetite for inclusion. The default motivation is one of inclusion and active participation.

Equity and Democracy

At the centre of the organisation are the principles of equity and democracy. All matters concerning the organisation and its operations will be fair and impartial. Members vote for members to represent the Governing Council and the Executive Board thereby ensuring the organisation is run and controlled by qualified and experienced members for all members.

Excellent Communication

Consistent and clear communication are encouraged across the organisation at all levels of the organisation and regardless of member participation. International business and networks cannot function well without good, internal communication which keeps all members informed of current activities and encourages members to participate in new services and opportunities that can benefit their businesses.

Best Practices

All known ‘best practices’ are employed as appropriate and practicable.

NEBA has the following key areas of best practice:

  • Independence
  • Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability
  • Compliance.

The Organisation is independent and run by its members for its members.

No one member or group of members will specifically influence the organisation unless elected and empowered to do so by the membership. In a similar manner, members will not supply external resources deployed in running of the organisation without approval of the members and the Governing Council.

Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability

The cornerstone principles of transparency, integrity and accountability are applied in all cases. Key to transparency is the frequent reporting of the current status of the organisation and future plans. The following key instruments will be used as appropriate to maintain these principles:

  • Audit; a statutory audit function must be, and is, employed
  • Quality Assurance; constant reviews for quality and delivery improvements of services and business development
  • Segregation of duties for authorities and for responsibilities
  • Measurement; Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are established to frequently monitor the performance of the organisation.