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The Latvian American Eye Centre specializes in eye care: routine treatment, laser therapy, surgery, education, medical tourism, medical supplies and equipment sales.

It is a participant of NEBA’s Visit Latvia Program for Medical Tourism -
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Northern European Business Association
Basics of NEBA Membership

Stated in NEBA’s Mission Statement: NEBA is an international networking platform focused on Northern Europe to facilitate the business development objectives of its members locally (by country), regionally (in Northern Europe) and internationally through a variety of instruments and “fit for purpose” member driven initiatives.
2      Member Clients
2.1 Potential Clients
2.1.1    Anyone requiring the products or services of members.
2.1.2    Potential clients include other members, their networks or member network networks, the public, and other organizations.
2.2 How to approach or work with Potential Clients
2.2.1    Person to person communication/contact.
2.2.2    Communication with organizations, e.g. embassies, other associations, chambers.
2.2.3    Use of NEBA Instruments / Programs
2.3 Drivers
2.3.1    NEBA active members.
2.4 Role of NEBA leadership
2.4.1    Support member initiatives.
2.4.2    Facilitation and coordination of member activities.
2.4.3    Organization and fulfilling legal requirements of association.
2.4.4    Communication to the database and posting information on the internet.
2.4.5    Coordination and maintenance of Instruments & Programs
3      The Business Association
3.1 The Network
3.1.1    Active members in good standing.
3.1.2    Supportive members in good standing.
3.1.3    Governing Council members (advisors to the Board - help define policy).
3.1.4    Former members
3.1.5    Non-members networked with members
3.2 Membership Qualification
3.2.1    Must have a product or service to offer potential clients.
3.2.2    Active members are expected to actively participate in the promotion of their products or services through NEBA’s Instruments & Programs and work groups.
3.2.3    Supportive members can promote their products or services through appropriate NEBA facilities.
4      Instruments / Programs
4.1 The NEBA Web site
4.2 Social Media, including FB public page, FB closed group, LinkedIn
4.3 “Mass mailing” from database
4.4 In-person, informal networking events (NEBA network events)
4.5 In-person events with guest speakers, with video conferencing connection for remote attendance
4.6 NEBA’s Visit programs
4.7 DMC program
4.8 NEBA Talks events, with video conferencing connection for remote attendance
4.9 Show & Tell events, with video conferencing connection for remote attendance