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The Latvian American Eye Centre specializes in eye care: routine treatment, laser therapy, surgery, education, medical tourism, medical supplies and equipment sales.

It is a participant of NEBA’s Visit Latvia Program for Medical Tourism -
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19.05.2023 Report on NEBA’s May Business networking

NEBA-network’s May Business networking took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, on Friday, May 12th, 2023 at 15.00 GET at Bina 37: Wine Cellar in the Sky and was organized by NEBA’s Governing Council Member for Georgia, Giorgi Natroshvili. Ed Kalvins, NEBA’s Chairman, participated in the meeting via WhatsApp and had an opportunity to be introduced to the guests in attendance, and to discuss various business-related issues.

The main subject of discussion was about developing a working relationship between businesses in Georgia and  NEBA in Northern Europe. One of the guests heads a start-up-focused investment advisory company in Georgia which is already working in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Copenhagen, Denmark. Another guest seemed quite interested in the energy sector which is also of interest to several NEBA members. Previous discussions have centered around medical tourism and NEBA’s Visit program where we are discussing offering a Visit Georgia program, and a significant project involving the pharmaceutical industry. Clearly there is a an abundance of opportunity for many.

NEBA organizes such small group events with a limited number of attendees in order to enable our members and guests more intimate conditions in which to engage with organizers of NEBA activities, and to develop a better understanding on what we are trying to accomplish. They supplement larger scale in-person events and remote events using teleconferencing on activity specific issues. Of course, they provide networking opportunities in themselves.