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The Latvian American Eye Centre specializes in eye care: routine treatment, laser therapy, surgery, education, medical tourism, medical supplies and equipment sales.

It is a participant of NEBA’s Visit Latvia Program for Medical Tourism -
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Please refer to for a short summary of NEBA.

1. What are the different levels of membership?
  • Memberships are divided into two categories:
    • active members - promote their products or services by leading promotional activities or participating with others who are promoting theirs. This may involve forming work groups for specific tasks.
    • supportive members - offer their services to other NEBA members and the general public but do not actively participate in promotional activities.
2. What is the main advantage of being an active member?
  • You have the opportunity of using the NEBA platform to promote your products or services.
3. What is the main advantage of being a supportive member?
  • It is expected that supportive members will receive the first right of refusal to participate in the activities of the active members for supplying their products or services.
4. Who do you consider as “typical members” most appropriate for the NEBA?
  • These would be facilitators, consultants, people with their own networks and small businesses interested in promoting themselves who lack the financial resources to promote themselves to a wider audience.
  • Larger companies that wish to reach a wider audience could also find the NEBA network useful through the use of NEBA facilitators and consultants.
5. What do you mean by the term “member driven initiatives”?
  • The main concept is for the NEBA platform to serve the needs of its members, thus, the initiatives must be initiated by the members themselves and supported by NEBA.
6. Do I have to be a member of NEBA to be part of NEBA’s network?
  • No.
  • You may be a supplier of products or services needed by NEBA members, or you may be providing advise because your experience may be deemed valuable, or you may be in a position positively affect NEBA.
7. How do you define “the NEBA network”?
8. What is the “halo” effect?
  • This is something not often considered. Members benefit from the successes of other members by providing their products or services to these members and contributing to the success.
9. What is NEBA’s target audience?
  • As stated in NEBA’s Mission Statement: NEBA is an international networking platform focused on Northern Europe to facilitate the business development objectives of its members locally (by country), regionally (in Northern Europe) and internationally.
  • This will include entrepreneurs, businesses, associations and government institutions such as embassies and development agencies.
10. What instruments does NEBA use to promote its activities?
  • The NEBA Web site
  • Social Media, including FB public page, FB closed group, LinkedIn
  • “Mass mailing” from the NEBA database
  • In-person, informal networking events (NEBA network events)
  • In-person events with guest speakers, with video conferencing connection for remote attendance
  • NEBA’s Visit programs
  • DMC program
  • NEBA Talks events, with video conferencing connection for remote attendance
  • Show & Tell events, with video conferencing connection for remote attendance
11. What is the role of the NEBA Board?
  • Facilitate activities.
  • Ensure legal requirements are fulfilled.
12. What is the role of the NEBA’s Governing Council?
  • Provide advice to the Board as to the fulfilment of NEBA’s mission.
13. How does NEBA communicate with its members?
  • The main tool will be the NEBA web site at Members are asked to regularly visit the site for news.
  • Social Media, including FB public page, FB closed group, and LinkedIn will also be used, though it is recognized that some people have “allergies” to some social media platforms.
  • Mass mailings informing of events and updates are sent from the NEBA website database. However, we recognize that a considerable amount of mail goes to spam or is not opened.
  • Person-to-person e-mails are the most successful but also most time consuming.
14. Do you have a question?